Ok…so we’ve all been on this (not so fun) sugar rollercoaster ride that sometimes feels like there’s no stops and just goes around and around and around!

It hits like a freight train morning, noon or evening but is more common around 2/3pm in the afternoon and is often when we find ourselves tearing the fridge, pantry (or anything we can get our hands on for that matter) apart looking a for a sugary hit to get us through the rest of the day… Have you been here?

This is where it gets ugly (worse than the tearing everything apart scene). With every tiny ounce of sugar, we consume the rollercoaster shoots sky high but comes down quicker and harder every lap around.

You see, what’s happening here is when you consume sugar, your blood sugar suddenly spikes giving you a short-term energy and mood boost, but as the sugar spike decreases, you come crashing down at a rapid rate of knots! This is when the brain fog, tiredness, more sugar cravings and mood swings set in (never a good mix with kids/toddlers and after school run arounds).

Your physical, mental, brain and hormonal health all suffer from a diet high in excess sugars (I’m not referring to naturally occurring sugars here). FYI- the more sugar you eat, the more sugar you crave!

What does this look like in the consult room?

Unfortunately, the supermarket shelves are packed with thousands of foods claiming to be sugar free, all natural, no added sugars, fat free, lunch box approved and so on….

But is this true?


This is what we call savvy marketing. I strongly encourage you to turn over every packaged item you buy and check the hidden sugar content. But a warning: this may shock the hell out of you. One of the easiest ways to quickly calculate the sugar content in terms of teaspoons is to divide the sugar by 4 (this isn’t exact but makes it super easy.

According to WHO (World Health Organisation), we should be consuming a maximum of 6 teaspoons of sugar per day for optimal health.

Some code words for hidden sugar: lactose, maltose, sucrose, molasses, fructose, corn syrup

1 x soft drink = approx.  10 teaspoons

All too often I see the signs of a high sugar diet and its effects on the skin and body in the consult and treatment room, the most common being:

  • Inflammation
  • Premature ageing (especially around the mouth). This is called Glycation – basically the sugar triggers a cascade in the skin that destroys your precious Collagen
  • Breakout/congestion (typically around the chin)
  • Impaired skin barrier (your skin has no protective roof)
  • Dehydration (that overwhelming feeling of tightness in the skin)
  • Rough, uneven tone and texture
  • Stomach bloating
  • Poor sleep habits

Kick the cravings & avoid the joy (or not so joy) ride

When the freight train hits, my newfound best friend is…. SMOOTHIES (yes simple old smoothies, blended up with your blender, stick mix, Thermomix or whatever mushing device you own.)

These are the best when you’re on the run & looking for a quick, healthy snack to avoid the rollercoaster ride (and everything that comes with it). Within minutes you can blend up a yummy snack to get you through, without needing a small supermarket in your fridge/pantry and ingredients you’ve never even heard of.

Benefits of the Beauty Chef Inner Beauty Support:

  • Feeds your microbiome with pre and probiotics
  • Promotes healthy skin and repair of muscle tissue
  • Reduces oxidative stress (the badies that attack your skin)
  • Supports bone health, wellbeing and immunity
  • Helps kickstart your metabolism and keep you feeling fuller for longer
  • Helps combat fatigue, maintain energy levels & keep feelings of tiredness at bay (hell yeah!)

You can check out the Inner Beauty Support here: https://la-bella-medispa.myshopify.com/products/body-inner-beauty-supplement

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If the common signs of a high sugar diet hit home for you and you’d like some help combating your current skin condition, contact me to have a chat.

From one Mumma to another just remember to be kind to yourself, self-care are not dirty words, you’re doing a smashing job and always a superhero in their eyes with the absolute best job in the world.

Love always

The girl tribe Mum – J x
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