As you start to dream about the year to come, the achievements you’re chasing at work, the holiday you’re going take and everything else on your bucket list for 2020…..Add one more new year to-do to your list; Take great care of your skin.

 This is the time many of us make New Year’s resolutions to improve health, lose weight or be more active, but now is also the perfect time to assess your skin health and create a plan for the next 12 months for healthy, glowing skin.  

Here are my 12 commandments + tried & tested products for healthy glowing skin

 The 12 Skin Commandments

1. Regular facial treatments

A quality daily skin care routine is essential for maintaining a healthy, fresh looking skin, avoiding disruptive ingredients like silicones, emulsifiers, perfumes, mineral oils & colours but once a month you need to leave it to the professionals and have a facial treatment.

Regular facials by an experienced skin expert can help boost circulation, tone/revitalise dull and tired skin. Our skin changes throughout the year with the seasons and stress, so having a trusted therapist to keep you accountable and customise your treatment and product plan is essential. Facials are not only great for your skin but amazing for the soul and a great add on to your self-care plan.

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2. A daily application of SPF 

Sunscreen not only reduces the risk of skin cancer and sunburn, it also reduces the ageing effects of the sun, protecting you from UVA (Ageing ray) and UVB (Burning ray). Sunscreen should be applied 20 minutes prior to sun exposure. Our favourite is the dermaviduals SPF.

The higher the SPF rating can also mean more chemicals that you are applying to your skin.  When choosing a SPF, be sure to avoid nasties like Oxybenzone, Octinoxate (Octy-Methoxycinnamate, PABA, Homosalate, Octocrylene, Octisalate, Avobenzone. These can be hormone disrupters, photosensitisers, penetration enhancers and may cause allergic reactions and contact dermatitis. Stay out of the sun in the hottest part of the day and always protect yourself with a shirt and hat. 

3. Washing your make up off before bed

Cleansing your make up off before bed…….is the cardinal rule!

Your skin can’t breathe at a time when it should be replenishing itself. Pores often become clogged and who knows what germs and grime has accumulated throughout the day. Night-time is the most important time for your skin to reboot itself, so it needs to be clean and hydrated to be able to do the job it was designed to do. 

 4. Choosing healthy make up 

Healthy make up is a follow through of your skin care journey and will enhance your journey to healthy skin.  We put so much effort into your skincare routine but can be completely let down by makeup choices, it can even hinder progress made with your skin conditions. The dermaviduals deco range, has NO nasties, unlike other makeup brands and you will love the fact that your foundation is custom blended in front of you by a highly trained dermaviduals skin treatment therapist. They will make sure it is your exact colour match before sealing your bespoke foundation so more guessing or compromising.

5. Taking care of your gut 

Your gut health has a massive job; it is responsible for 80% of your immunity. Yes, your gut health controls how you feel and your mental health. In fact, 90% of our serotonin is made in the gut (happy hormone). The gut also controls weight, skin health, bowel movements (yes, your poos) and autoimmune health. 

The gut is home to 10’s of trillions of microbes including bacteria, yeast, fungi and viruses, gross I know but so important for our internal, brain and skin health. When these gut microbes are balanced, the body is disease free, healthy and happy. Eating a diet rich in fibre, good fats and Antioxidants is the key, avoiding excessive sugary processed foods. We also recommend a gut health supplement to help create amazing healthy bacteria in the belly. 

Our top picks:

Beauty Chef Glow Inner Beauty Powder

Cell Charge

 6. Antioxidant teas (reducing coffee) 

The Antioxidants and Vitamins found in herbal teas are great for helping fight disease and infections. They can protect against oxidative stress and lower the risk of chronic disease, help with lowering inflammation and give your skin a beautiful glow. 

Our top picks:

Beautea Organic Herbal Tea

Miss Vitality Clean Tea

7. Quality sleep

When we sleep well, we wake up feeling refreshed and alert for daily activities. Sleep affects how we look, feel and perform daily, and can have a major impact on your overall quality of life.

To get the most out of your sleep, both quantity and quality are important. You need to be getting 7 to 8 hours each night. If sleep is cut short, the body doesn’t have time to complete all the phases needed for muscle repair, memory consolidation and release of hormones regulating growth and appetite. Missing this means waking up less prepared to concentrate, make decisions and tired looking skin; especially around the eyes. 

Our top picks:

Beauty Chef Sleep Powder

Slip Silk Sleepmask

8. The importance of water

Drinking enough water is essential for healthy skin. If your skin is not getting enough water, the lack of hydration will present itself by turning your skin dry, tight and compromised as the enzyme activity in the skin is unable to function correctly without water. 2 to 3 litres of filtered water each day is essential to skin, body and mind health. 

Our top picks:

Beauty Chef Hydration Elixir

9. Vitamin A and C 

Vitamin C is an Antioxidant that shields the skin from free-radical aging. Vitamin C indeed does ‘kick-start’ the Amino Acid chain in the Fibroblast cells to manufacture new Collagen fibres. 

Vitamin A protects against UV damage and slows signs of aging. It also encourages healthy skin and cell production, protects against infection, smooths wrinkles, evens skin tone and gives you a fresh glow. 

10. Following a nutritious diet

You are what you eat…I will go a step further; you are what your cells are capable of absorbing. Everything you put into your body will have a direct impact on your skin. A poor diet can cause dullness, puffiness, redness, congestion, acne and more. Avoid foods high in sugar and fat, as both will increase inflammation in the body that can then damage Collagen and Elastin. Also minimize the amount of alcohol and caffeine you consume as they both dehydrate the body and skin.

Drinking plenty of water to stay hydrated, will help flush out toxins and consuming a diet packed with Antioxidant-rich foods to help protect against free radicals as well as foods rich in omega-3 to improve Collagen and Elastin, keeping your skin looking healthy and youthful.

11. The importance of Omega 3 

For robust, healthy skin we need a strong cell membrane.  The cell membrane is a thin, flexible barrier, which covers the cell. It helps keep all the yummy, juicy water INSIDE the cell. Essential fats in our diet and skin care are responsible for membrane health and a strong barrier (outer layer of our skin).

Our top picks:

Good Oil Capsules

12. Keep active & get moving

Physical activity and exercise can have immediate and long-term health benefits. Most importantly, regular activity can improve your quality of life. A minimum of 30 minutes a day can allow you to enjoy these benefits.  Exercise is very individual so working out what suits you, some options include walking, yoga or HIT. Regular exercise will reduce the stress hormone (Cortisone) and increases the happy hormone (Serotonin). 

Here’s to 2020 & your best skin yet 👌

RM- The Skin Whisperer xx