As a Mum of 3 young children I swear I hear the word “Mum” (of course with that whining tone) on average 5000 times a day. Once 8:30/9pm rolls around & the tribe are in bed and domestic duties are done done (I know this list is massive), the last thing we want to do is spend precious sleeping time on tedious skincare routines in the bathroom – often without seeing results.

Self-care is a non-negotiable for me – and no, it’s not selfish! My absolute favourite that’s a no brainer daily is of course, skin care. We’re forever filling the love cups of others but forget about our own, with the biggest excuse from my fellow Mum’s being “I just don’t have time for that”.

I’ve got a question for you! Can you spare 2 minutes a day to take care of your skin? This is your largest organ that’s going to represent you for life, build your self-confidence and protect you from the stresses of day-to-day life (believe me, as a mum, business owner, wife and friend, I get it), while pouring into your love cup at the end of a long day?

I, for one totally understand the HUGE amount of BS, nasty ingredients and false promises that make their way around so many skincare labels – hence why I felt the need to share my all-time basic favourites with you that’s easy to follow, packs a punch & of course quick.

Here’s my 4 top night picks:

  1. Cleanser – My favourite pick for my skin type is DMS Cleansing milk. You’d be surprised at the amount of dirt and debris that builds up on your skin during the day, that’s without any makeup or little grubby hands mauling your face all day long. I keep this in the shower and it takes a max of 30 seconds to cleanse my skin.
    Step one done. (30 seconds)
  2. Corrective tonic – Now these are no basic toners! These babies are designed for your specific skin type/concerns. For me Lotion N is my go to – packed with Omegas & anti-inflammatories to nourish and calm my skin instantly. 2 sprays, slap it on with your fingers, simple as that. (20 seconds)
  3. Customised Moisturiser – 1 bottle = day/night cream + skin saving actives. Who doesn’t love the sound of anti-ageing antioxidants, pure nourishing oils or hormonal pimple fighting warriors added to your daily moisturiser? Yes please, I’ll be having ten of those! (20 seconds.)

    If you’re not keeping tally, that’s just over 1 minute to complete a power packed, results driven night time routine.
  4. Mask – Twice a week I replace my customised moisturiser with a Vitamin Cream Mask. Why do I love masks so much? 2 reasons – it’s a leave on mask (meaning I sleep in it) and it’s loaded with antioxidants (these help balance free radicals and protect cells from premature ageing – arsenic hour, the clockwork after school run around & sleepless nights all create free radicals in the skin- maybe you can relate). Simply apply, again with your  fingers, jump into bed and voila, when you wake your skin has been fed everything it needs and is ready for what the day is going to throw at it.

So there you have it, my 4 favourite night products ( I pretty much use the same during the day with a few other extras). My advice to you is to always allow yourself this 1-2 minutes for this vital self care and then its off to bed for a rested 8 hours sleep – hahaha yeah right, well maybe sometimes but don’t beat yourself up when that doesn’t quite happen.

From one Mumma to another just remember to be kind to yourself, Instagram life doesn’t exist, you’re doing a smashing job and you’re always a superhero in their eyes with the absolute best job in the world.

Love always,

The La Bella Mum Tribe, Jess x